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Training Center
Training Center runs most practical skill training which can handle company’s equipment most efficiently.
We provide extensive curriculum which helps variety of individuals from those who encounter the equipment for the first time or those who aim to become experts and instructors.
Training Center Introduction
Training Center is located near headquarter’s Doyama factory at Doyama-hyun Doyamasi Yasonmizzi.
A full time instructor who has rich field experience will prepare curriculum based on customer’s situation, schedule and needs, and carry out training accordingly.
There are 3 features of the training in order to master skills perfectly.
(1) Rich experience on practice line up for product
(2) Complex training(e-Learning+Simulation+Practice) which have a good command of high tech skills.
(3) Curriculum that helps you master skills for sure using 『CRI technique』which is called Instructional Design.
Training Introduction
Training Course System Introduction